Dip, Dunk, or swirl. The choice is yours.

UNDRGRND Donuts, the only gourmet food truck in the Philadelphia area that specializes in fresh, hot, handmade specialty donuts. UNDRGRND Donuts are created from only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients for you to enjoy. On your way to class or on an afternoon sweet break, UNDRGRND Donuts surfaces on a street near you, so you can enjoy a fresh, hot donut at anytime of day or night. Try one or two, but be forewarned, take enough to class or back to the office, because, once the wondrous scent of an UNDRGRND Donut permeates the room, all will be envious.

UNDRGRND Donuts didn’t invent the donut, UNDRGRND Donuts just perfected them. The UNDRGRND Donut circle that makes us hole.

Bring the Batter

Bob Rifkin
Executive Chef

Chef Bob, classically trained local Philadelphian. Lover of great tastes and flavor combinations. From line cook to corporate management, from student to instructor, all hats have been worn. Now that Chefs’ culinary circle is complete, it looks like an UNDRGRND Donut.

Michael O.
Chief Donut Designer

Michael is our resident chocoholic, and the driving force behind the UNDRGRND Donut wheel. In the office or on the truck, Michael brings his love of sweets and his business savvy to the UNDRGRND Donut circle.

Cinnamon Challenge

Chef “Hey” Jude
Donut Engineer

Dippin’, toppin’, swirlin’ and dustin’ your donut creation to satisfy your UNDRGRND Donut desires.

Social Media

Michael’s son who sparked the idea and badgered until UNDRGRND Donuts’ roll out. Currently studying at Drexel for his degree in engineering. A true lover of food and food adventure and a regular online and in line at his favorite food trucks.